oiling wooden floors

Oiling Wood Floors

The Sanding Process – Oiling Wood Floors

Oiling wood floors is ideal for highlighting the natural beauty, character and warmth of the wood. When used as a finish, it can fully restore the original and vintage beauty of the wood.

We have found that oiled wood floors in Surrey are easiest to maintain. They repel stains if cleaned off immediately. Simple, regular cleaning preserves the beauty of your wood floor for a long time to come.

GJP Floor Sanding Surrey recommends oiling wood floors that do not see a lot of traffic and other wearing activity. That’s because oiling does not provide much external protection from serious wear like varnishing or other forms of finish.

Oiling Wood Floors in Surrey Requires Exceptional Expertize

Oiling wood floors is not as straightforward as using varnish or lacquer. There are several considerations to make when deciding on oiling and on which oil product to use.

An advantage of using GJP Floor Sanding and Wood Oiling Surrey is that we consult with you from the onset to determine if oiling wood floors is best for you. For example, oiling is ideal on wood like teak and rosewood, which already have high oil content. Oiling such wood gives a highly enhanced finished product that will last for years.

Our years of experience and expertise also means we can easily decide on the quickest and best way of oiling your wood floor and giving it the perfect look you desire.

For example, if your wood floor is not badly damaged, we can simply effect a quick buffing to prepare your wood floor for oiling. If it is badly damaged, we recommend enlisting our full sanding service to give exceptional beauty to your wood floor.

Here are a few tips on oiling wood floors:

  • We recommend that you be prepared to re-oil your wood floor every 20 months (on the average) if it does not see a lot of traffic or other wear. In areas that see a lot of these, we recommend an average re-oiling period of 6 months.
  • For the routine cleaning, GJP Floor Sanding Surrey recommends that you use damp materials as the oil products we use on your floor have good moisture-repelling qualities. However, we advise against using wet materials as they cause wear over time.

Oiled wood is durable when done by professionals. Unlike with other finishes, scratches and general wear are not conspicuous because they blend in with the surface of the oiled wood. Clean regularly and you will enjoy the beauty of your oiled wood for a long time to come.

GJP Floor Sanding Surrey Professionals Maximize Wood Protection

We can use natural or hard wax oils to seal your wood floor, depending on considerations such as traffic, your maintenance plans, and your desire to highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

We Tick All The Right Boxes

When it comes to oiling wood floors, most people – professionals and DIY alike – find it virtually impossible to achieve the right balance between getting the right look for wood floors, protecting them for the longest time possible and using chemicals that are harmless.

With GJP Floor Sanding Surrey, you have it all. No concessions are made and there is no compromise on quality. We stock only the best oil finish products. All our wax oils are odourless and eco-friendly. We use oil finishes with the least VOC such that you are not inconvenienced.

Our top-quality, long-lasting oil-based finishes come in satin or matte shades so you get the exact look you want.

Let GJP Floor Sanding Surrey Restore by Oiling Your Wood Floors Today

Whatever the damage done to your wood floor; whatever kind of wood floor it is; whatever the use of the wood floor and activity it sees; whatever your remodeling goals are, GJP Floor Sanding Surrey has the experience, expertize, commitment and professionalism to restore your wood floor, and give it a look that will leave anyone that see it thoroughly impressed, and you completely satisfied.

Contact us today, and together we will make your wood floor the pride of your space.

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