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Looking for a floor sanding and restoration company for your school in Surrey? Look no further than GJP Floor Sanding School floor Sanding Company. We have a dedicated team with lots of experience in sanding school floors in Surrey.

We use high-quality and Eco-friendly products for school floor sanding projects throughout Surrey. Get in touch to find out more.

Our Quality Guarantee

School floor sanding services are a big part of what we do at GJP Floor Sanding Sanding Company. We restore school floors to their former glory using state-of-the-art, dust-free sanding equipment.

Wood floors in schools experience a high amount of foot traffic. So we only use floor sanding products designed for their durability.

We use high-quality products like Junckers HP Commercial + Friction and Bona Traffic.

These products are specially designed for very high foot traffic areas. We also use water-based, environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

We will put our best people on your sanding project. This will ensure that the work is efficient, fast and does not disrupt school activities. In fact, we fit around you. We can work at night or on the weekends so that we do not disturb normal daily school routines.

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Our Range of School Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding for both Engineered and Hardwood Floors

We’re experts in Floor sanding and hardwood floors and specialise in over 40 wood types.

Using a professional service for your floor sanding project is recommended. Engineered floors are usually only 3 – 6mm thick, and should not be sanded more than twice in their lifetime. Get your floor sanding job done well the first time by using professionals.

Any mistakes or damage to engineered wood cannot be easily corrected. The best way to avoid this is to use a reputable sanding service company like GJP Floor Sanding.

Floor Restoration for Parquet and Floorboards

Not all damaged wooden floors need replacing. Some floors just need to be sanded, filled, polished, repaired and refinished. We can fill in cracks and nail holes, as well as big gaps caused by shrinkage in wooden blocks or parquet.

Restoration of Stairs and Banisters

Your stairs and bannisters can add the final finish to your school. Sanding stairs requires small tools and is usually done by hand . Bannisters are technical than stairs and demand a high level of skill. Stairs and bannisters can also be stained to add that extra touch to your interior.

It takes time, attention to detail and passion to do what we do. Our sanding projects are always completed meticulously..

Wooden Floor Re-oiling and Re-polishing

Oiling and polishing protect the wooden surface and extend the floor’s lifespan. We use only high-quality products to give your floors an impeccable finish.

Wooden-floor Staining and Finishing

Staining is the process by which we change the colour of the wood. Some floors are suitable for staining, while others are not. Each type of wooden floor also requires a certain type of stain. Using the wrong strain for a wooden floor will give a dull, low-quality finish.

Our personnel at GJP Floor Sanding can guide you when choosing stains and finishes.

Gap Filling

Wood is a natural product. It may expand and contract due to heat or moisture, depending on the type of wood and the method of installation. Contractions may cause gaps to open up between planks and boards. We correct this by gap-filling. We do this using resin and sawdust, wood slivers and mastic.

If you are interested in any of our school floor sanding services, you are on the right page. Please get in touch by calling 01483 600 141 or click here to request a no-obligation quote.

Why Choose GJP Floor Sanding for Your School Floor Sanding in Surrey?

School floor sanding services are a huge part of what we do at the GJP Floor Sanding Sanding Company. In fact, we offer special fee rates and discounts for schools in Surrey. Our rates are the most competitive in school floor sanding packages in the region.

We work with all wood types:

Cherry, maple, oak, walnut, pine, you name it. Our floor-sanding experts can identify up to 50 types of wood. They can recommend the best restoration process for your school floor. We can work on project of any size and we will be delighted to provide you with free advice and a free quotation.

Cutting-edge equipment:

At GJP Floor Sanding, we use modern equipment to ensure our floor-sanding process is dust-free. There are no offensive odours as we use only low V.O.C finishes to create an impeccable finish.

If you are ready for floor restoration, please request a quote here.

Always available:

Our contractors are available 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Our main interest is meeting your expectation. And we can even structure our services to fit you schedule.

Well insured for your protection:

When you choose us to work on your school floors, you can be rest assured that you are well protected. All our services are covered by Public Liability and Treatment Risk insurance with a limit of £5,000,000.

Well trained with lots of experience:

Our experts are BONA-certified and have amassed years of experience in the field. GJP Floor Sanding has been in business for over 30 years. We are certified by the National Wooden Flooring Association. We are also members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

One-year guarantee and free maintenance:

  • We provide a one-year guarantee on our floors as well as free maintenance within that period if you wish.

Free site visits and survey:

  • We are willing to visit your school premises to determine the extent of floor damage. We will then ptovide you with a no-obligation quote, all for free.

Ready to give your school a new look by reviving the floor? You are just a phone call away from giving your school facility a new look and feel. Call GJP Floor Sanding on 01483 600 141 to speak to one of our experts today. You can also click here to request a free, no-obligation quote.


We have sounded floors for primary and secondary schools throughout Surrey County. We have worked on school floors up to the boundary with Canton and to routes in Southeast England. Our work has taken us into Spelthorne, Woking, Elbridge, Waverly, Guilford, and Epson. We have worked in Tunbridge and most parts of the Surrey area.

We also worked in Camberley and Farnham, Staines, Redhill and Ashford. We often find ourselves on the 283, the 8272 and traveling the 831 and 83. We work with schools throughout the region so if you are a school in Surrey then we can help you sand wooden floors.

Contact Us

Our customer service includes an free site visit to check the state of your floors. We will then give you a non-binding quote on the project at the end of the visit.

Please contact us using 01483 600 141 or send an email to A member of our team will be happy to provide you with the details you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is floor sanding?
Floor sanding is a wood floor renovation process. When sanding, the top layers of a wooden floor are removed with abrasive, rough materials. A variety of wood such as maple, oak, Birchwood, timber, and beech can be sanded. Other materials such as parquet, cork, and particleboard can also be sanded. There are usually three steps to floor sanding: preparation, sanding, and coating.
How much does floor sanding cost?
The cost of wood floor sanding depends on many factors. These include: the wood quality, the size of the work, number of floors being sanded and how long it will take. At GJP Floor Sanding, we are known for our reasonable pricing system. In fact, we can always work with you to meet your sanding budget.
Do I need to be present during the sanding works?
Although it is a good idea if you are available or close by, we understand that time is limited for everyone. So, you can be present at certain main points of the floor-sanding process:

  • Visit 1: To allow for confirmation of requirements and desired stains and finishes. This is not needed if discussions have confirmed everything before starting the project.
  • Visit 2: To allow for inspection of the job, to sign our evaluation sheet and make payment.
How long does floor sanding take?
Every job is unique, but we typically work on 20 to 30 square meters in one day. While a standard building with 100 m2 of flooring takes 3-5 days for sanding and polishing.
What are the benefits of hardwood flooring?

Hardwood floors are strong and durable, boasting long lifespans. They are also easy to clean, do not fade easily and provide amazing acoustics within a space. It also saves you money as it can be refinished, buffed or polished to maintain and extend their lifespan.

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