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Congratulations on taking the first step towards getting your floors renovated: the wear and tear your floors take on a daily basis can rob them of that brand new shine they held for so many years. Luckily, here at GJP floor sanding, we’re ready to restore your floors to their former glory!

The bread and butter of our business is floor sanding. We pride ourselves on offering a premium quality service at affordable rates to our clients. Being a independent business we go out of our way to make sure that even the tiniest of details does not go overlooked.

It truly does not matter which type of wood flooring you have; from Parquet to Pine (and everything in between) we tackle each job with one goal in mind – renovating your wood floors to the highest quality possible.

Wooden Floor Restoration

Our clients expect the highest quality work from us, so to ensure that our Spelthorne floor sanding experts go above and beyond the call of duty; we equip them with top of the line tools, at their disposal 24/7.

Our attention to detail is second to none, as all GJP Floor Sanding professionals use multiple different sanding belts depending on each job’s requirements. For example, we usually start off with a 40-grit sandpaper for most jobs. However, if we notice that the wooden floor has significant staining, whether that be from paint or just simple discolouration, we may switch to a 24-grit sandpaper – courser and better suited for a tougher job.

Lastly, to ensure a smooth feel to your precious floors, we go over the entire floor a second time with very fine 120-grit sandpaper. If this wasn’t enough, we only use the best professional sanders on the market. Whether it be our Hummel sanding machines (German made) or the Bona sanding machines (Swedish made) these tools allow our expert technicians to complete the job almost dust free;  meaning less time vacuuming and more time on the actual task at hand!

Can GJP undertake all types of work?

The reason we take our time during this section is to ensure that when we are finally ready to stain and reseal your floors, they’ll look and feel like brand new. That’s the GJP Floor Sanding promise, and it applies to all homes throughout Spelthorne.

Every time we take on a new floor restoration project, we make it our goal to treat each task as if it were our very own home flooring. That simple thought process has allowed us to serve thousands of happy Spelthorne customers with quality workmanship that you’ll never find anywhere else in the local area.

What are you waiting for? Allow our professional floor renovation team to give a massive facelift to those dreary and aged hardwood floors. Get in touch today at +44 (0) 01483 600 141 or +44 (0) 7773 769 931 for more information, or to get a free quote for all of your Spelthorne flooring restoration needs!

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