Commercial Floor Sanding in Surrey

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GJP Floor Sanding’s sanding are your go-to experts for commercial floor sanding in Surrey. We are qualified to sand to the perfect finish, regardless of the shape or size of your wood floor.

Our technique will minimize odours, dust, and disruption to your daily activities. Not only do we deliver on schedule, we can also sand your commercial floors on weekends if that fits you best.

If you would like to give your business facility a new look and feel, it starts with renovating the floors. To ensure professional service delivery, get in touch with us at GJP Floor Sanding.

Why is Commercial Floor Sanding Important?

Wood floors in commercial buildings need to be durable. Businesses use and move heavy equipment and products across wood floors. This can cause lots of damage to the floor.

Commercial wood floors are also likely to get higher levels of foot traffic. This high traffic means commercial floors are prone to wear and tear. An this happens faster than with residential floors.

The condition of wood floors can affect client perception of your business. Customers respond to a well-maintained work environment. If the floors of your business space is worn out, sanding may be what you need to breathe new life into it.

Floor sanding involves shaving off the top surface of wood floors. This can be done with sandpaper or a sanding machine. It levels the surface of the wood and ends with sealing and finishing to create a stunning result.

To achieve this impressive result, you should hire a professional floor sanding company. One with the skills and resources to do a good job.

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Why Hire GJP Floor Sanding Commercial Floor Sanding Services in Surrey?

GJP Floor Sanding experts in Surrey strive to bring wood floors back to life. Here is what you can expect when you work with our floor sanding company.

A Well-finished Floor

We work to high standards when sanding commercial floors. We also offer advice on the best finishes to make your floors look fantastic.

We Use Quality Floor Sanding Equipment

It is not enough to use the right floor sanding techniques alone. Using the right equipment guarantees an excellent result. To maintain the quality of wood floors, we use modern tools and practices to do our floor sanding work.


Well-sanded wood floors should be easy to maintain. The result should not be difficult to clean. It should also match your comfort and hygiene standards. Finished wood floors ought to be easy to buff or refinish. We sand and finish your wood floor so it can weather traffic, damage and pressure over the years. It can help your business reduce running costs when you spend less on maintenance.

Our Commercial Floor Sanding Process in Surrey?

At GJP Floor Sanding Flooring, we recognise your wood floors as a valuable investment. This is why we deliver a quality finish. We use traditional methods, groundbreaking technology and top industry products in our projects.

Our commercial floor sanding involves three stages: preparation, sanding, and finishing.

The preparation stage

We clean the wood floor and prepare it for sanding. Next, we remove materials on the surface of the wood floor that can damage the sanding equipment. Harmful materials include staples, nails and adhesives used to hold floor coverings.

The sanding stage

We then remove the upper layer of wood using rough grit papers for a first cut. Our approach corrects inconsistencies in the height of floorboards and resolves other anomalies. We then carry out another sanding until we have achieved the consistency we are looking for.

The finishing stage

The durability of the wood floor depends on the quality of the finishing. Here at GJP Floor Sanding, we can help you decide on the best finishing products to use on your wood floors. This will deliver the perfect result you are looking for.

GJP Floor Sanding has done extensive work on various commercial floor types. This include parquet, solid and engineered wood, and original floorboards. We offer several staining options for your wood floor with an array of wood dyes to suit your needs.

The experts at GJP Floor Sanding can convert ruined wood floors into things of elegance. Get in touch with us to talk about your project.

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What Are the Types of Floor We Sand?

We can sand just about any type of wood. Solid wood floors, pine floorboards, parquet floor, or engineered flooring. Whatever it is, we can do the job. We strive to match all finishes with existing floors so that thing looks as good as new.

We are a professional wood floor sanding service that you can trust in the Surrey area.

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Areas We Cover In Surrey

We cover the entire Surrey area including Working, Goldsworth, Chaldon, Guilford and Lightwater. We usually travel all the way up the A3 and across the 831 and often find ourselves working along the A25 as well.

Do you have a commercial floor that needs sanding in the county of Surrey? Or you need our expertise elsewhere in Southeast England? We can help you with the project.

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How Can You Contact Us?

Do you have a commercial property that requires floor sanding in Surrey? You are on the right page. Let us help you transform the look and feel of your business space. We have experience in commercial floor sanding in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

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We will suggest a proper wood floor maintenance policy at the end of every project. We can also supply your maintenance staff with proper cleaning materials and directions. This is a vital part of our work and will help your floor keep its new look and feel for longer.

We offer an obligation-free quote for any job so do not hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between sanding and buffing?
Sanding clears chunks of the damaged wood and the faded polyurethane. It removes the layer of the wood floor that absorbs the stain. After sanding, we re-stain the wood and seal with an additional layer of polyurethane. Sanding addresses noticeable defects in the wood floor. It also allows you to change the colour of your wood floor.

Buffing addresses the polyurethane and does not the wood. The condition of your wood floor will determine the wood restoration method to be used.

Do you need to sand your hardwood floor before staining or changing colours?
You must sand your hardwood floors before staining or changing the colour. If you do not sand the wood floor, the polyurethane used in staining will not stick. This means that the new stain will not penetrate the wood.

The stain peels off if you try to apply it without sanding the hardwood. It is the only way you can change the colour of your wood floor.

Sanding the floor first removes waxes and oils on your floor. It eliminates wax residue from cleaning products and oils from your feet. These waxes and oils can jam the pores in the wood and limit the penetration of the stain and polyurethane.

When should you sand and refinish your commercial wood floor?
This depends on exposure to direct sunlight, foot traffic, and the quality of the work done.

To keep your wood floors in pristine condition, you will need a refinishing job done every 10 years. Wood floors with low foot traffic may need refinishing less frequently.

Wood floors getting plenty of sunlight will need maintenance often. This is to prevent ultraviolet damage.

What is the best oil for wood floors?
Bona Hard wax oil is an excellent choice from a renowned brand. The product is easy to apply and still provides a very professional-looking finish.

How long does it take to sand a wood floor?
In a day, we can move your equipment, sand your wood floor, and do the finishing. A 2-3-day period for drying should see the job completed in 4 days.

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