buffing wooden floors

Buffing Wooden Floors

The Sanding Process: Buffing Wood Floors

Have you noticed that your once attractive hardwood floors now have scratch marks on them. They are dull and don’t give your home that cosy feeling like they used to. This is normal with all wood floors; they wear with time. But there is a lasting solution.

Buffing your hardwood floor in Surrey can restore it to its former pristine condition. It can revitalize, refresh and reinvigorate your flooring so that you are proud to show people around your home once more.

At GJP Floor sanding, we are a independent team of floor buffing sanding professionals in Surrey with more than 30 years of combined experience. Our customers are always satisfaction with our finished work, and we guarantee you the same great feeling at the end of the sanding and buffing process.

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Buffing a Hardwood Floor

Buffing is a good way to restore the look of a scratched, damaged finish without the trouble or cost of completely refinishing the floor. Buffing is the last stage in our professional refinishing job, but we can also do it as a single process to bring back the shine to a plain-looking, lifeless wood floor.

Buffing isn’t a thorough restoration process on its own, but it will eliminate most surface scratches and keep the wood floor protected, eliminating the need to refinish or replace the entire floor.

The Buffing Process in Surrey


Buffing or screening a wood floor is not all that different from other wood trim on a home. It involves delicately sanding the previous finish and then spreading a new layer of finish. Our buffing process does not remove the stain or colour from your hardwood floor; it mainly removes the topmost layers of coating that protect it. There are many reasons to consider buffing your wood floor; perhaps it is starting to show some wear and tear? Our professionals buff word with confidence and ease, using our cutting-edge, state of the art equipment.

  • The Buffer:

Our buffers are specialised machines that are designed for buffing hardwood floors. Depending on the level of work involved, we have both high-speed and low speed buffers.

  • The Screen and Buffer Pad:

This is for sanding the wood floor. Depending on the seriousness of its condition, we use different buffing pad sizes. A medium size is useful in removing most surface scratches. A high grit pad, such as a 120 grit or 150 grit pad, will prep the floor for applying the finish.

  • The Finish:

We apply finish immediately after sanding because wood floors become vulnerable to moisture in the window between the stages. Our professionals use the best quality lacquer (varnish) to coat the wood. They are durable, appealing and require less year round maintenance.


Our buffing services typically take less than a day, depending on the surface area of your wooden floor and the amount of prep-work involved. We work around your schedule, even working evenings and weekends.

If your hardwood floor is in poor condition, we can enhance and enrich it, leaving you proud of your flooring once again.

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