repairing your floor

Repairing Your Floor

Floor Repairs

Restoring and repairing your wood floors can address damage as a result wear-and-tear or neglect. GJP Floor Sanding Surrey provides you with the extra attention needed to repair damaged floors and restore them to their original beauty. While most damage can be repaired during the floor sanding processes, including paint stains and discolouration, other damage may need extra attention and specialised service.

Floorboards can be damaged after renovating your room, including after plumbers and electricians cut floorboards during their work. Where floorboards have been damaged, we will fix these issues by using reclaimed pine floorboards. We will match reclaimed boards with your current floor to ensure any new timber is consistent with the existing floor. Other damage can result from woodworm, which our staff are specially trained to identify and resolve. When damp or water damage is left untreated, floors may suffer from wet or dry rot. Regardless of what problem you may encounter, our professional team can provide effective solutions to repair and restore most damaged wood.

Reliable Floor Repair Service

surrey-floor-repairGJP Floor Sanding Surrey will assess your floors before we start any sanding and restoration project. We provide you with a free survey, as well as a free quote with options to repair and prevent damage. We provide comprehensive floor repair services, including board replacement. When any floorboard has lost its strength due to damage, including wet or dry rot, we will remove the board and replace it with treated timber. We match wood types and colours when we use reclaimed timber, ensuring your floors are consistent and uniform. Our experienced staff will also replace rotten joists with treated timber, and treat wood for wood worms.

Identifying and Addressing Damp Problems

Damp can lead to serious problems with your wood floor, including wet and dry rot. Rising damp is also unsightly and can be unhealthy if mould becomes present. Untreated damp problems can also cause wood decay and dramp can spread to a room’s walls and furniture. Trained staff at GJP Floor Sanding provide damp proofing surveys and propose treatments to resolve damp issues, including applying a damp proof membrane seal to treat and protect your floors.

Identifying and Resolving Wet Rot Problems

surrey-floor-repair1If left untreated, wet rot can cause of structural faults in your home or business. We will resolve wet rot problems by removing the moisture source and drying out the surrounding wood. We will also replace any floorboards that have lost their strength, which can put the structural integrity of the property at risk. Our staff will treat the floor with a chemical spray and other wet rot treatments to prevent reoccurrence. To identify wet rot, look for very damp sections of the floorboards that may have cracked and look darker than the original wood colour. Wood will also shrink when afflicted with wet rot, and may crumble or appear soft when prodded with a screwdriver or another implement.

Identifying and Resolving Dry Rot Problems

GJP Floor Sanding Surrey (click here to learn about our sanding process) is specialised in providing treatment for dry rot, which is a serious problem that may compromise a property’s structural integrity. Dry rot is a fungus that will feed off and destroy timber, and can occur as a result of damp and poor ventilation. In order to identify dry rot, keep your eye out for floorboards that are discoloured with a brownish colour and have cracks in a ‘cuboidal’ pattern. Wood may also have a silky green to mushroom coloured ‘skin’ that can be peeled off, and may also have white or grey cotton wool-like mycelium. There may also be soft, fleshy fruiting bodies with an orange or golden-yellow surface.

Our Floor Repair Services:

Board repair – matching wood types and colours using reclaimed timber

Board replacement -we will source reclaimed wood to match existing boards

Joist repair – replacement of rotten joists with treated timber

Relaying floors – complete floors laid, choice of woods available

Wood worm – specialist advice and treatment

Skirting, steps, boxing – complete carpentry service

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