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The Sanding Process: Commercial Floors

The highly skilled, experienced team at GJP Commercial Floor Sanding Surrey are ready to answer your questions, and provide you with detailed quotations on the work you need done. If you want to find out more about the commercial floor sanding process in Surrey then read on.

A wood floor in a commercial property is bound to receive a heavy amount of use, and subsequent damage, and it will wear or dull much more quickly than one in a residential building. Why? Because commercial settings have larger volumes of foot traffic; they also suffer because of the movement of commercial equipment and products.

Think about the number of people that visit a popular restaurant every day. Think about vibrant basketball players leaping up and down in a wood-floored basketball court; or badminton players on the same court if you prefer. Think about a gym nearby–the amount of traffic it receives per day and how many times a day dumbbells, weights, and other mobile workout equipment get dropped on the floor. Considering these environments, you will begin to see the amount of strain a commercial wooden floor gets put through every day.

This is why wood for commercial floors is chosen for its durability. Even so, these floors require much care in order to last while still maintaining their impressive, professional appearance. A damaged wooden floor in a business area is a dent on your packaging, and it will likely translate to customers undervaluing your products or services, and even leaving you for your competitors.

A proficiently sanded commercial wood floor that is properly maintained thus becomes a positive declaration of value for your brand.

Here are some benefits of the process of a professionally sanded and maintained commercial wood floor.

Commercial assets are all about achieving one goal or another—generating sales, keeping customers, training to win a basketball game, and the like. Your wood floor should be able to contribute to your goal.

  • Exudes Class

A properly sanded, finished, and maintained commercial wood floor should be nothing short of pristine and can speak volume of the class at which your establishment operates and the kind of people it will lure in. People are attracted to class and will give up a lot to embrace it. And that is good for business.

  • Communicates Quality

A beautifully polished wood floor is, no doubt, visually appealing. It can be an effective way to communicate to your clients that your products or services are quality assured, since people often associate beauty with quality, and the environment transfers its characteristics to your brand image.

  • Easy To Maintain

Wood floors are easy to clean, and a well-kempt commercial establishment will resonate well with your employees’ and clients’ sense of comfort and hygiene. A comfortable employee will likely put more effort to retain his or her job and thus maintain that comfort. While a comfortable client will likely return.

Easy maintenance also means that you can easily buff, sand, or refinish a damaged old commercial wood floor without incurring the cost that comes with replacing it. This reduces the cost of doing business.

  • Durable

A properly sanded and sealed commercial wood floor will withstand wear, scratches, and even stains for some years before requiring repairs. This also implies less expenses on repairs.

  • Adds Value

A properly sanded, finished, and maintained wood floor will definitely add value to your commercial property. This doesn’t only make commercial properties easy to rent or sell, but also makes them very profitable.

If the floor in your commercial establishment is in dire need of the touch of expert floor sanding contractors, why not give GJP Floor Sanding a call? The type of establishment and wood floor are not a barrier. We have sanded hardwood floor in a ballet company, and we have refinished a parquet floor residing inside a library.

Our professionals are equipped with the latest equipment in the commercial floor sanding industry and are vastly experienced in the art of transforming damaged, timeworn wood floors into surfaces that will survive many years of traffic and strain. They will be a gem for your clients—both present and prospective ones—to marvel at.

Get in touch today to find out more about our commercial floor sanding process in Surrey, and to get a free quotation on your project.

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