Sealing And Varnishing

The Sanding Process : Sealing and Varnishing

Ready to find out more about brightonfloorsandingthe process of sealing and varnishing wood floors in Surrey? Read on to find out more about this stage of the floor restoration process.

After we have applied the perfect stain to give your wood floor the stunning look you desire, it’s time to seal and protect it.

Sealing and varnishing processes, when completed by true professionals like GJP Floor Sanding Surrey, protect your wood floor from dirt, scratches, stains, and other things that could make you want to cover your wood floor with a carpet.

Sealing and varnishing not only protects your wood from future damage, it brings out the real beauty of the stain just applied.

The sealing and varnishing process is ideal for both newly-restored and newly-installed wood floors.

GJP Floor Sanding in Surrey Guarantees a Professional Sealing and Vanishing Process

Unlike staining, varnishing isn’t as simple as choosing a colour palette. Varnishing and sealing your floor is a highly technical process which requires a lot of experience and skill to achieve the desired effect. From the choice of varnish material to the application of the varnish, every step is delicate and can be the difference between the classy look you desire and having just a blob of new paint. It also determines how long you enjoy your newly restored wood floor before you go looking for professionals to redo your floor again.

GJP Floor Sanding in Surrey will give your wood floor the exact treatment it needs to ensure that the finished product realises everything you ever dreamed of in your wood floor

We Use The Right Materials


Choosing the right varnish for your newly restored wood floor must be done with care. For you, it may be about your aesthetic priorities. For us, the goal is to match your aesthetic preferences with practical considerations.

How much traffic does your wood floor see? How exposed is it to other agents of wear such as scratches, moisture, chemicals and pet waste?

Whether you want a cool, matte look or shiny, high-gloss, we will find the right finish to give your wood floor the exact look you want, while protecting it for you, for a very long time to come.

We are artists as much as we are technicians; you can be sure we have every area covered in wood floor restoration.

Surrey Sealing and Varnishing By Flooring Experts Who Care

GJP Floor Sanding in Surrey performs every stage of your wood floor restoration with strict adherence to safety regulations. That’s not only because we want to keep the law, but because we do care about you and the environment.

Our wax oils are eco-friendly and completely odourless. And, you never have to worry about vapor. We use the best-quality products which help us to deliver a quick and harmless service that does not compromise quality in any way.

We Use the Best Products in the Industry

We stock only the best varnish products. Some of these products even come as combined stain and varnish. We ensure that we have a wide range of products to suit whatever requirements you may have. We stock varnish products from top brands including Osmo, Bona, and Becker Acroma, and they all come with an after sales guarantee.

Our excellent work is our guarantee

With GJP Floor Sanding in floor-restoration-horshamSurrey, you will be dealing with professionals who derive the utmost satisfaction from seeing damaged or worn wood floors restored to beauty. Our delight is in seeing you smile in appreciation.

Saying that we exceed your expectations may be a cliché, but we really do wow our clients.

Our jobs are carried out with the aim of adding value at every stage, to ensure that the final product is naturally guaranteed to last. With unrivaled attention to detail and dogged commitment, we repair, sand and completely restore your wood floor to your 100% satisfaction.

Contact us today, and rediscover your love for, and pride in your wood floors.

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