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Sanding wooden floors has always been a messy business, with wood dust permeating the air and coating everything it comes in contact with. However, with the development of near dust-free machinery, this is a thing of the past.

GJP Floor Sanding Surrey uses only the highest standard machinery for floor sanding: the German-built Hummel sanding machine and the Swedish-built Bona. These products have a high-pressure vacuum system in place which sucks dust created into a separate bag for later disposal. The vacuum systems mean that there is only roughly 3 – 5% dust actually released; a major difference from past years, when 70% at least would circulate through the air.

Professional Floor Sanding Machines

The Hummel sanding machine is known throughout the world as one of the best machines to use, with high powered drum and three power stages. It is recommended throughout the world for use on parquet floors. GJP Floor Sanding Surrey uses only the best equipment to ensure perfect results with a minimum of disruption to clients and their homes. Similarly, Bona machines are ideal for hardwood floors, while their vacuum technology reduces released dust to a negligible amount.

The Floor Sanding Process

Before work is begun, our professional sanding team make certain to remove or hammer into place any loose or raised nails or staples as well as fixing any loose boards into place. Sanding begins with a very coarse grade of sandpaper – usually a 40g, though often with old, stained floorboards it may be necessary to use a 24g – which clears away dirt and old paint. Once the heavy duty sanding is complete, our expert refinishers use different grades of sandpaper to ensure an even finish which glows warmly for years to come. They begin with a heavy grade and continue until they have reached 120g, the finest of the lot.

As clean and tidy as dust-free machinery makes a sanding or restoration job, it is worth noting that it is still a rather noisy job: such that our sanding team will wear ear protectors as well as the standard face masks. If you live in a semi-detached property or an apartment, it may be courteous to inform neighbours of the work being done.

Reduced Dust

In addition to the obvious advantages of not breathing in wood dust – which can be a serious health risk – dust free conditions also get rid of the need for a massive clean-up during and once the job is complete. This means the job will be done quicker and on time – something GJP Floor Sanding Surrey  prides itself upon.

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