The Sanding Process

Our Floor Sanding & Restoraton Process

Stage 1: Repairing Your Floor

GJP Floor Sanding Surrey will repair your floor to fix wear-and-tear and other damage so we can restore the natural look of the wood. If needed, we will treat your wood for more serious conditions, including damp/wet or dry rot, and woodworm.


Stage 2:  Filling the Gaps Between Boards

We fill the gaps between your floorboards to make sure the end product is uniform and seamless. Closing the gaps between the boards will also make for a cleaner surface by reducing the potential for dirt accumulation and will better insulate your room.

Stage 3: Sanding Your Floor

We sand your floors with industry-leading equipment, removing any stains, discolouration, and paint that is on the surface. The sanding process with also ensure a uniform look and smooth wood surface.

Stage 4:  Staining / Choose a Colour

GJP Floor Sanding Surrey stains your floor with the colour of your choice. We will help you find the right colour for your room, and use the best stains available on the market

Stage 5: Refinishing your Floor

GJP Floor Sanding Surrey refinishes your floor with durable, stain-resistant, and fast-drying seals. These seals will leave your floor with a professional glossy or semi-glossy finish.

Optional: hearth removal

These days, many people opt to heat their homes with efficient central heating systems rather than old fashioned fireplaces. Our Surrey floor sanding experts (click here to learn about our hearth removal process) can completely remove the fire hearth in your home, seamlessly covering it up with a beautiful wooden floor.

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