Wood Floor Restoration

brightonfloorsandingUnderneath your timeworn carpet or rug may reside a wood floor that only requires minor touches to render that carpet or rug obsolete. Or maybe your wood floor isn’t shrouded at all, but is marred by scratches, dents, cracks, or stains. Don’t worry. With a bit of restoration work you can return it to that pristine appeal you originally fell in love with.

Wood floor restoration in Surrey can come in many ways. Perhaps the floor needs to be buffed up. Maybe there are gaps between the floorboards that need to be filled. It could also be that your floor merely needs to be re-finished. Whichever the case may be, GJP Floor Sanding Surrey can help you restore your wood floor to its former glory.

Wood floor restoration process:

  • Survey and preps

This is the stage where we inspect the wood floor in order to understand the amount of work needed to reinstate its beauty. We check for stains and we gauge the scratches and dents—how deep they are. We also consider the gaps between the floorboards and other issues that need to be restored.

  • Hammering and cleaning

It’s possible that nails have been used on the floor to reduce any squeaking or to steady a shaky floorboard. And nails are pesky little devils that can be disastrous if they come in contact with sanding equipment or even the sander’s hand. Equipment brushing against it could ignite sparks, which could start a fire inside the dust bag.

Therefore, we simply hammer the nails down about ¼ inch into the floor; we, of course, use a nail set to do this to avoid making dents while hammering.

Also, if there are fluffs from carpets gummed to the floor, we scrape them off and clean away any debris on the floor or in the gaps between the floorboards.

  • Buffing up damaged, old, or worn areas

What we do here depends on the amount of work your wood floor needs to achieve full restoration. If we are dealing with minor stains or if the floor was finished recently, chemical strippers will most likely suffice. However, if the work needed involves removing traffic patterns, scratches, resistant stain, or other issues, then sanding may be the best way to rid your floor of the imperfections.

Sometimes, though, a dent might be too deep and simply sanding that part of the floor might not cut it. In this situation replacing the floorboard can be the easiest way to get rid of the dent.

  • Refinishing

Now that your floor is all level, free of scratches, dents, and ready to soak up stain, we begin the wood refinishing process. There are many ways your floor can be refinished through applying stain. There is a wide range of wood floor finishes we can use to restore the beauty of your floor, such as polyurethane, natural oil finish, varnish, or wax. It all depends on your choice.

Refinishing will protect your wood against wear, tear, rot and concludes the process of restoring your Surrey wood floor to its original attractive sheen and beauty.

  • Gap filling

If there are any gaps or cracks, we fill them up using wood paste or plugs. We may relay the boards and add another to clamp them tightly together. Gaps in your floor are not only unattractive. They also mean your home will lose warmth or cooling and you will spend more money on heating and air-conditioning.


GJP Floor Sanding Surrey can handle your wood floor restoration process for you in Surrey without you needing to raise a finger. Our professionals blend skill and creativity with experience, and will leave your wood floor garnering attention again.

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